Day 48, 10/10/22 Zadar

I woke up well rested, after about 10 hours of sleep. I thanked my campsite for the shelter it provided. Even the wind had subsided overnight and with it my inner storm. When I stepped out of my tent I was surrounded by the silver blue Mediterranean Sea. When I looked around my tent, I was lucky to just catch the last glimpses of the moon, before it disappeared behind the clouds. Pag, the island, lying at the horizon like a distant desert.

I had breakfast down at the water, grateful for the warm temperatures. Thinking back of the mountains of Velebit, which was certainly one of the most spectacular, but also most challenging experiences of this journey so far. This is my first bike packing trip, so naturally there will be a lot of learning lessons. I was conscious, that now is the time to treat myself with love and kindness.

I started cycling with the goal to reach the city of Zadar today. The ride along the coast was picturesque and much more enjoyable without the strong gusts of wind.

I stopped in a village for a second breakfast – banana and cake. I deserve it, I thought, while I wolfed down 800grams of cake.

Afterwards I continued cycling south. When I stopped to take a photo, an older Croatian man questioned me about my journey. It turned out, he had lived in Ingolstadt, Germany for 8 years. He invited me to his house for coffee. At his house we were drinking coffee, which he brewed with water out of the well. We were sitting with his 90 years old mum, on the veranda under olive trees next to the Mediterranean Sea. The house was adorable and I imagined the tranquil life, one would lead here. Cats and kittens, sharing the house with mother and son, made me think of my cat, Maestro, back in Sydney, Australia. I said my farewells to Dusko and promised to sent a postcard, when I will reach Turkey.


Then my way, lead on the main road to Zadar. For once I didn’t want to take the scenic route. I just wanted to get there, eat a pizza and drink a beer. The last 27kms on the main road, were quite scary and I was relieved, when I finally arrived safe in Zadar. First stop was Decathlon – muesli bars, sunscreen and gas. Afterwards I headed to the old town, bought myself a beer and a well deserved pizza, which I ate at the water, watching the sunset. Here I met two Canadians, which were in Zadar for the world championship in fencing. We chatted about fencing and bike packing. Kyle and Craig sent me off with some generous support for my journey, which left me speechless.


Shortly after that, I met a guy from the Netherlands, we chatted and had a beer at the sea organ of Zadar. An installation, where the waves play an organ, due to holes in the sea wall. Genius I thought and was instantly reminded to the music scene if Sydney and my friends, which would love the sound and the idea of this.

Later on I was lucky to find a host for the night, we went to get gelato before calling it a day.

So long – haide ciao from Zadar!

One response to “Day 48, 10/10/22 Zadar”

  1. 2nd Breakfasts! One of the best things about bike touring 😉

    You are approaching this really well for the first time. The next time you go adventurous you will remember to be more prepared. Hopefully you haven’t scared yourself from the adventuroua path too much, they are always the bits where you find yourself, pushing it physically and being self reliant.

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