Day 49, 11/10/22 Rest day

I woke up early in Zadar and had a slow morning- Breakfast, coffee, reorganising bags. After that, I went to explore Zadar. I wandered through the streets, bought some local olive oil on the market, stocked up on protein bars for upcoming challenging days.

Then I treated myself to a burger and some truffle fries – as unfortunately the local cuisine turns out to be, not very vegetarian friendly. Afterwards more gelato, how indulgent!

Originally I was planing of spending two days in Zadar to properly rest, however I felt overwhelmed by being in a city and had the thought, that I’d rather rest properly in a remote place. Additionally I discovered, that the eurovelo 8 leads through the island, Ugljan, which was a short ferry ride away.

I gratefully packed my clean laundry back into my bags and headed towards the ferry wharf. I was unlucky to just miss the ferry, which was first annoying, but then I simply used this time to do more grocery shopping.

Love taking the bike on a ferry

When I arrived in Ugljan it was past 5pm and my plan was to find a campsite, as quickly as possible, as this was meant to be a rest day.

After not too long, I was lucky to find an ideal campsite under some pines next to the sea.


Perfect spot to camp with a group of friends I thought. Instead it was just me and my bike. I lid a fire, when I suddenly saw, the moon rising – fire red. Oh Croatia, I thought. I thanked the universe for this campspot, for the moon, for this journey and looked out to the sea wondering about life.

Tent, fire and a red moon

So long – dovidenja from close to Kali on Ugljan!

Photos, as always, will be updated with wifi! Xo

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