Day 95, 27/11/2022 Reunion 2.0

I woke up at Didem‘s place in Besiktas, after a short night. Didem was catching up with a friend, hence I went out to explore the city by myself. I had coffee and Turkish pastries in Besiktas before taking the bus to Kariköy. Here I explored the area and walked over the bridge to the spice bazaar. I ate myself through the spice bazar, had Turkish tea and Baklava. I loved watching people, loved looking at their faces, often peoples, eyes were mesmerising. I knew – Istanbul had stolen my heart from the first moment. I could not even explain why. Istanbul felt modern and traditional at the same time, buildings and people were incredibly diverse, at every corner were new sights, smells and tastes to discover. The Minarets of the mosques ever present. The call from the mosques echoing through the city.

After visiting a mosque I headed back to Besiktas. Then I headed to my friends place. Devran, I had met 5 years ago, while Couchsurfing in Amsterdam. Devran is living in Nisantasi, we had a drinks at his place before heading out for dinner. Again we stayed up, until the early hours of the morning, chatting about life and my trip.

So long – güle güle from Nisantasi!

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