Day 96, 28/11/2022 Istanbul my love

I woke up at Devran‘s place in Nisantasi after a short night. After saying my farwells to Devran, I went back to Didem‘s place, Didem then treated me to a delicious Turkish breakfast. We spoke about our Turkish heritage and ‘Gott und die Welt‘ – absolutely everything. Didem mentioned, that she can see my Turkish heritage in me. I also noticed how people in the street always speak Turkish to me, assuming I am Turkish. Afterwards we strolled through the streets of Cukurcuma and Kariköy.

Then I said my farewells to lovely Didem and headed to explore the blue mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Later on I went back to the hostel, where Michal and me went to eat Cig köfte and drank Ayran. Then Ibrahim and me went back to his place to sleep.

So long – güle güle from Istanbul!

2 responses to “Day 96, 28/11/2022 Istanbul my love”

  1. Simone Staab-Jankowski Avatar
    Simone Staab-Jankowski

    Du kommst deinem Ziel immer näher und wir haben den größten Respekt vor dir, deiner Leistung und Energie und…..Mut.
    Den Rest machst du jetzt auch noch mit links.
    Liebe Grüße, Simone und Thomas

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    1. Hallo Simone und Thomas, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Liebe Grüße aus Istanbul xo


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