Day 98, 30/11/2022 Ready to leave?

I woke up at Ibrahim‘s place on the outskirts of Istanbul. Ibrahim prepared breakfast for us, before heading to Kadiköy to the hostel. I was indecisive when to leave Istanbul. However first of all, a visit to Decathlon was a must, to prepare myself for colder temperatures. Afterwards I explored the streets of Kadiköy. Kadiköy is a hip part of Istanbul on the Asian side, that is reminiscent of Berlin, Williamsburg or Newtown – it is very cool, very alternative, very creative. The sweets in Turkey are delicious, hence I stopped for a glass of çay and a traditional sweet.

Later on I spoke to my dear friend Debora on the phone.

In the evening I went for a walk with Akram, a Palestinian guy, from the hostel, along the shore of the Bosphorus. Before going to sleep in the hostel.

So long – güle güle from Istanbul!

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