Day 142, 13/01/2022 4,5months of learning lessons

I woke up in my bed at my fathers place well rested. My father and me went to the park to do some walking and made, once again use, of the outdoor fitness equipment. After breakfast I needed to go to the dentist.

Then a lot of resting followed. Here I was reflecting on the last few days, the last few months. Oh what a journey it has been. Looking back on the journey and this way of travelling, I noticed it was the best way to prepare myself for what was coming towards me – meeting my father for the very first time.

In the past I have been timid and closed off. Being surrounded by strangers would make me feel uncomfortable, As well as being in the houses of strangers. During this journey however I slept at countless places, either in the tent, or on floors of churches, mosques, town halls, work shops, swimming pools or in strangers houses. During this journey I got invited to countless meals by strangers. During this journey I chatted to countless strangers. All of this made me grow, all of this pushed me, made me flexible and taught me to feel comfortable in the house’s of strangers. So when I arrived at my father’s place, I instantly was able to feel comfortable and be myself. The connection we have feels nice and natural. Often he tells me stories about the time, he was dating my mum, I’m then listening with curious ears, I enjoy hearing stories about the past and my mum, simultaneously it also makes me feel melancholic and I start to imagine, how life could have turned out if things would have been different back then – But life happens.

Later on my aunt invited us for dinner – she had prepared vegetarian Kayseri Manti, especially for me – what a treat! I was surrounded by the extended family – my aunt, her husband, my cousin, her daughter, my father and my grandma while eating dinner. For dinner my aunt served: corba, salad, peaches and Manti. After dinner we chatted in the living room while slurping on cay, eating Halva and fruit before retreating upstairs to bed.

So long – haide görüşürüz from Kayseri!

7 responses to “Day 142, 13/01/2022 4,5months of learning lessons”

  1. görüşürüz ….not an easy word for English speakers to pronounce. Greetings from far away and görüşürüz alligator.

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    1. Not easy at all! But apparently I pronounce it okay 🚲🇹🇷


  2. Nice post, Madeline. This sums it up so well.

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    1. Thanks so much Jim, greetings from Kayseri! 🚲🇹🇷


  3. Sehr schön, deine Reise zu dir selbst ❤️🙏

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    1. Thank you so much! 🇹🇷🚲


  4. I have to say I’m just living for all the vegetarian feat pics! So glad you’re having this amazing experience darling!!! Love you!


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