Day 144, 15/01/2022 Showered in presents

I woke up in my bed at my father’s place. Babaanne and me prepared breakfast, while my father was praying. Börek, pide and the usual spread. I adore Turkish breakfast, it feels so rich and indulgent, but what I love the most about it, is that one goes back and forth, back and forth, between sweet an savoury. One moment I am eating ceytin and peynir (cheese and olives), the next moment I am dipping my fresh baked bread in Tahin with Pekmez. Tahin with pekmez (grape molasses) has become my all time favourite.

After breakfast, the guys from Kayseri’s cycling club, picked us up, to take us for a ride and show us the city. I was not aware that journalists will be following along, but I did not mind. The cycling club also kindly provided a bike for my father. I enjoyed seeing him on a bike, as he usually does not cycle. We cycled to the museum, here the cycling club gifted me a traditional Turkish doll, a stunning handmade plate and a bicycle fridge magnet. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and also the gifts I had received. Tesekkür ederim! We then were invited for cay, where I talked about my journey and passed some photos around. When we were ready for departure, we were unable to unlock the lock, one of the members had locked our bikes with. After each and everyone of us, had a good try in cracking the lock, we had to realise, that none of us would be a successful thief. In the end, we had to cut the lock with an electric saw. What an adventurous day!

Back at home, we relaxed to recover from all the excitement, until we went to my cousins place for dinner and cay. Yasemin had cooked beautiful Turkish food: a traditional salad, potato börek and tiramisu – everything et yok – without meat – especially for me. Tesekkürler! Then Lara, Yasemin’s daughter appeared in front of me: ‘close your eyes and open your hands!’. When I opened my eyes, I found two colourful small bags with two adorable bracelets in it. One bracelet is with the blue eye – Nazar, it is meant to protect me from the evil eye, the jealous and envious look of others. The other one is a little ballon, to remind of Cappadocia. They are both adorable and I was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift from my newfound family.

Reflecting in bed, on the last few days, I was admiring my Turkish family, each family member, had greeted me with open arms and had made me feel at home. What a wonderful wholesome and heartwarming welcome. Tesekkürler universe!

So long – Görüsürüz from Kayseri!

3 responses to “Day 144, 15/01/2022 Showered in presents”

  1. Wow Madeline! So happy for you that meeting your father and other family members is such a welcoming, happy experience for you all! What a life-changing adventure! I have been enjoying following your bike ride most of the way, thank you for your blog. Very inspiring. Makes me want to bike in Montenegro, Greece and Turkey next time I am in Europe. Take care.

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    1. Hi Sheela, thank you for your comment and following along my journey! I can highly recommend to jump on the bike and to explore these countries! Greetings from Tece! 🇹🇷🚲


  2. So so so SOOOO nice to see how you thrive in the company of your new found family and how they receive you. So heartwarming❤️❤️❤️

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