Day 146, 18/01/2023 Reconnecting with friends

I woke up in my bed at my father’s place in Kayseri well rested. Opening my eyes I felt contend and calm, yesterdays inner storm had passed. My dad and me went walking and once again made use of the outdoor gym equipment. Afterwards we went to the bike shop, to check on my bike, which was getting a complimentary service, thanks to Kayseri’s cycling club, Argos bisiklet dernegi. My baby – my bike, was sparkling clean. I looked at my bike with admiration and gratitude – my loyal Drahtesel, ‘wire donkey’, that had carried me all this way. As the service was not completed yet, we left without my bike.

Back at home, I slurped on a cup of green tea, before catching up with another bike tourer – Peter, from England, who I had met in Antalya, during our Turkish Christmas celebrations. It was nice to see a fellow bikepacker and reconnect with Peter. We exchanged our experiences of the last few weeks, while eating breakfast -Corba, patates and kahve.

After returning home, I set with Babaanne nibbling on biscuits, drinking tea and exchanging a few words.

Time for some skincare

Then I prepared myself for a meeting with some Turkish/German journalists, for a tv broadcast. When the journalists arrived, my father and me talked about the events of the last few days.

We then had dinner that Babaanne Nesibe had cooked – beans, rice and salad. Lezzetli!

Later on in the evening I caught up with the journalists in a bar, talked about my journey, while slurping on beer.

My aunt Yüksel gifted me this beautiful necklace – Tesekkürler!

So long – görüsürüz from Kayseri!

3 responses to “Day 146, 18/01/2023 Reconnecting with friends”

  1. You choose a full life, with happiness joy and memories, living full moments.

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  2. Hi Madeline, I came across your “yourney to myself” a few days ago via a Facebook cycle travelling group, when you were already at the end of your journey to your father. Then I started reading about your journey from the start. I really enjoyed reading about all your adventures and feelings, and seeing all your great pictures. They are very inspirational, they made me laugh and cry. You are great writer. Thanks a lot for sharing your journey! Regards, Sybert

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    1. Hi Sybert, thank you so much for your kind words! And for starting to read from the beginning! Greetings from Kayseri❤️🇹🇷🚲


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