Day 147, 19/01/2023 Shooting day

I woke up in my bed at my father’s place in Kayseri after a short night. I needed to get up early, as we were meeting the journalists from ARD, the German tv channel to capture our morning walk. After the walk, we went home to have breakfast. Following our delicious Turkish breakfast, we went to the bike shop, to pick up my bike. We then spent most of the day with the Turkish/German tv crew, filming a broadcast for Brisant, about my journey and meeting my father for the first time. We even installed a Go pro on my bike and the camera man also filmed me cycling, while he was lying in the boot of the car. Fun!

When everything was wrapped up I felt incredibly exhausted. After having cycled solo for 4,5 months, I was not used to cities or being constantly surrounded by people. I was craving nature and serenity. At home I withdrew in my bed, until we ate dinner.

After dinner we went to a gathering, the cycling club, Argos, had organised for me. The cycling club spoilt us with cay, Turkish sweets, chestnuts and baked potatoes. What a treat! Tesekkürler! I was nibbling on sweets, while listening to some members play Saz and Kuradum. Afterwards I retreated to bed, grateful and exhausted.

So long – görüsürüz from Kayseri!

One response to “Day 147, 19/01/2023 Shooting day”

  1. Well done, maybe you have inspired some local cyclists to cycle to Germany.


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