Day 148, 20/01/2022 Socially exhausted

I woke up at my father’s place in Kayseri after sleeping in. Needing stillness and personal space, I started the day, practicing yoga in my room. The events of the last two weeks, had left me exhausted and overwhelmed. Not being used to having a big family or media attention, I was craving stillness and serenity. When my mind felt calmer, I prepared breakfast with my father and Babaanne. It was challenging to explain, my craving for ‘me- time’, to my father. I was not only craving personal space, but also independence. I wanted to loose some negative energy and jump on the bike. My bike however, was locked in a common room of the building and the caretaker was not at home. Hence I decided to work out, using the gym equipment in the park. Afterwards I went for a walk in the city.

Back at home I ate dinner with Babaanne and my father. Following dinner my father and me drank wine, while nibbling on nuts and listening to music.

So long – görüsürüz from Kayseri!

2 responses to “Day 148, 20/01/2022 Socially exhausted”

  1. Phew..what a day !!! No wonder you need more space by the end of it.


  2. I can only imagine the feeling of needing your independence/alone time/ breath right now. Do what you can to find that space! Spending hugs xx


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