Day 149, 21/01/2023 Family time

I woke in my bed at my father’s place in Kayseri. We started our day, as usual with a big Turkish breakfast. After breakfast we decided to cycle to Talas, a town next to Kayseri, together. I desperately needed to release some energy and do some exercise, hence I thought it cold be fun to cycle together. My father, who has not cycled for many years, was slow and lacked confidence on the bike, I did not mind, as I appreciated his effort. We cycled to a park, where I made use of the exercise equipment. Then we chatted to some young girls, while we were watching paragliders land.

Back at home, we went downstairs to my aunt Yüksel, as she wanted to teach me how to make Yag Manti. Babaanne, my cousin Tuna Han and me, were watching Yüksel kneading the dough, with curious big eyes. After we let the dough rest to rise, it was time to help auntie Yüksel, stuff the dough with a potato filling, she had prepared in advance. We then shaped the dough into little pockets – Manti. Afterwards the Manti, got fried in Yag – oil. The Yag Manti then got served with a sarimsak, garlic, yogurt and tomato paste sauce. Lezzetli!

After dinner we set in the living room, chatting, eating baklava, while slurping on cay. Then Tuna Han, my cousin surprised me with a beautiful little gift – a healing crystal bracelet. Tesekkürler!

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2 responses to “Day 149, 21/01/2023 Family time”

  1. Turkish cay is so refreshing, I always keep a hot pot on the stove.


  2. Ok this food is seriously amazing. We must have a big dinner party when you get back and we need to learn how to cook all these dishes too!


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