Day 151, 23/08/2023 The person I am

I woke up in my bed at my fathers place in Kayseri. After being pensive the day before, I pushed the negative feelings away – I had decided to stay in the here and now, I had decided to embrace this experience, instead of being miserable, about a past I could not change. My fathers efforts were undeniable and I decided to keep my heart open and receive them.

During the last two weeks, two weeks of knowing my father, I started to comprehend one thing: I am the person who I am, because I grew up without him. I would have been a completely different person, if I would have grown up with a father – not in a negative or positive way, but in a different way. Noticing this, I realised, I love the person I had become, the person I had become without him. I love my courage, my willpower and my determination. Charakter traits I obtained during the challenges in my early life. It brings me joy to know that my journey, my willpower and determination inspires people.

After breakfast my father and me spent the day wandering through the streets of the city.

In the evening I did some admin and gave Babaanne a massage, during the massage, I was thinking of my grandma back in Germany, hence I gave her a call and an update to my journey. In the meantime, my father once again cooked a mouthwatering dinner – Tesekkürler!

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