Day 152, 24/01/2023 *5 Months on the journey to myself*

I woke up in my bed at my father’s place in Kayseri well rested. When I walked into the kitchen, Babaanne and my father were already preparing breakfast. Joining in, I thought, how much I loved preparing our Turkish breakfast, it almost felt like a morning ritual.

During these last few months, I had enjoyed how people from the past were reconnecting with me through my journey – through my blog. Receiving comments from relatives, I had not connected with for years, warmed my heart and gave me hope, that this journey could also bring people closer together. After some news today however, I needed to realise, that these hopes were in vain, this saddened me and put me in a pensive mood.

With full bellies, we started driving out of town, towards a village called Hürmetci, where wild horses are living. After sometime with the horses we carried on driving to Avanos in Cappadocia. Here we wandered through the beautiful alleys of the historic town, before slurping on some mulled wine. Afterwards we carried on to Ürgup, another town, set in between the mesmerising rock formations of Cappadocia. Being back surrounded by this breathtaking landscape lightened my spirits. We went for a walk through the rock formations and also climbed up to a look out. Here my dad got excited by some left over grapes, hanging off a house’s roof. He was asking the owner, of the house, if we could reach these grapes some how, I was watching the whole scenario smirking, thinking to myself, ‘that’s such a dad thing to do – my dad’s thing”.

But what about the grapes?

Back at home we ate dinner. Before watching the broadcast ARD Brisant, had filmed about my journey. Coincidentally the broadcast was published on my five months anniversary – five months I have been on the journey – the journey to myself. While watching the broadcast, I noticed one thing: when my name was shown on the screen, it said journalist and author beneath it. This made me smirk and think of all the hours I spent writing this blog, this journal and soon hopefully the book, about the journey to myself.

So long – görüsürüz from Kayseri!

I also want to say a big thank you to the people who have rewarded me, for all the hard work I have put into this blog. I have spent many hours in the tent exhausted, reporting about my day. So thank you: Fulton John, John P., Wim, Rodrigo, Umberto, Sybert, Jimmy and Kevin!

If you would also like to support me and thank me for my efforts, you can do this through my gofundme account here or through my PayPal: – see it as inviting me to a meal or to a coffee, I am very grateful about any support. Tesekkürler!

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