Day 153, 25/01/23 Preparations

I woke up at my father‘s place in Kayseri. Babaanne my father and me had a big Turkish breakfast, before my father and me headed out, to do some errands. Early on during my journey, I had the feeling, that I might want to continue cycling, might want to continue this journey, after reaching Kayseri. Latest in Istanbul, I knew, the journey to my father, will end in Kayseri – the journey to myself however will continue. Continuing towards the east, towards Australia, I was aware would be more challenging, than the journey had been, so far. More planning had to be done, as travelling further visas needed to be applied for. During my stay in Konya, I had bought a petrol stove to prepare myself for the east, where gas canisters won’t be found easily. Now I am on the hunt for a water filter.

Before continuing my journey, I wanted to go to the doctor to get a health check. Hence we spent most of the day seeing doctors. We then went grocery shopping, at the local market, for the days ahead, as we were planning to drive to my father‘s holiday flat in Mersin.

After dinner I recorded a podcast, talking about the journey to myself, before going to sleep.

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So long – görüsürüz from Kayseri!

One response to “Day 153, 25/01/23 Preparations”

  1. There’s a water filter made by General Ecology that isn’t well known in Europe, but handles viruses as well as bacteria. It’s also half the cost of all of the other most effective water filters:

    I took one to Everest Base camp and throughout Nepal/Tibet and like it a lot better than the comparable filter from MSR.

    Just an FYI if interested. Best wishes on the next stage of your amazing ride.



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