Day 155, 27/01/2022 Holidays

I woke up in my bed at my father’s holiday flat in Tece. While I started to prepare breakfast, Marco and my father were going to the supermarket to get water. The men go out hunting, while the woman stays at home and prepares food, I thought smirking. I was happy, that Marco could share our delicious breakfast with us, as this was my favourite part of the day. During breakfast my father lured Marco, with an excursion to a castle and a stalactite cave, into staying for another night. Eventually Marco agreed grateful. We then drove to a village called, Kizkalesi. During the drive my father told us the legend, about the castle built in the sea: once a fortune teller told the king, that his beautiful daughter will be killed by a snake. To save his daughter from this fate, the king decided to built a castle on an island surrounded by the sea and then sent his daughter to live there. The daughter then however got killed by a snake, which was hiding in a basket of grapes, sent from the mainland.

My father went to the friday prayer, while Marco and me walked along the beach, exploring the castles.

Afterwards we drove to the blue lagoon, where we slurped on cay, while eating Lokma – round fried balls covered in syrup.

Then we carried on towards a cave. On the way there, four girls tried to hitch a ride, my father stopped to pick them up. And minutes later we were all laughing, while three girls squeezed on the back seat and one girls squeezed into the front to share the passenger seat with me – only in Türkiye!

When we arrived at the cave, I was mesmerised by the beauty of the stalactite cave. In awe ,was I wandering through the tunnels of the cave, passing otherworldly, eerie rock formations. With big curious eyes and my mouth wide open, was I watching the mysterious and unique shapes. With all the sights, I have visited on this trip – this was one of my favourites.

Back at home, my father cooked pasta, while I prepared a garlic yogurt. Dinner was delicious as usual. After dinner we reflected on this wonderful day and chatted about life.

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So long – görüsürüz from Tece!

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  1. I hear the pedals about to creak again, hope you can find a suitable water filter. XxV

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