Day 50, 12/10/22 Mindfulness

I woke up this morning at my beautiful tranquil campsite, unzipped the tent, lied back down and watched the Mediterranean Sea and the colours of the sky change.

Then I got up dismantled the tent half way, so people wouldn’t see, the red colour of the tent, from the street above me. I continued my slow relaxing morning with some yoga – while watching the rising sun, I practiced my sun salutations. Afterwards I meditated, sitting above the sea.

I felt calm and centred and was grateful for this beautiful secluded campsite, between the pines. I packed up my belongings and started cycling, towards the south of the island, where the ferry wharf was located. I was not rushing. I will get there, when I will get there. The island was beautiful, not much inhabited and covered in olive trees.

Since I was out of water, I stopped in a village, where I saw two women in front of a house. I asked for voda- they smiled, filled my water bottle up and asked me to wait. One woman picked grapes from their garden, the other one came back with mandarins. They passed me the bag and wished me good luck. I smiled and said hvala.

I stopped to brew myself a coffee at the sea. Then I headed towards the wharf – 30mins until the next ferry. Time to get more water, I thought and headed towards the nearest cafe. Here I spoke to a Croatian man, Vedran, he offered to host me on the island, however I had already purchased my ferry ticket and was ready to leave the island behind.

After a short ferry ride, I continued my journey south. For the first time in Croatia, actually since Zadar, there were signs for the eurovelo 8, which simplified navigating. The route lead me partially through Vransko Jezero national park, the view was mesmerising a lake with mountains in the distance to my left, pine trees and olive orchard surrounding me.

Eventually I needed to realise, that another screw of one of my bike bags got loose. I stopped on the side of the road to fix the problem. Shortly after and old Croatian man on his small tractor stopped, asking me in Croatian, what the problem was. I pointed to the bag, while I unscrewed the screw with my fork. He walked back to his tractor and came back with — a beer. I laughed and we shared the beer. He then passed me his Swiss knife, to fix the screw. Afterwards I went to his farm, where he showed me his animals. Two adorable dogs, an abundance of kittens and many many sheep and goats. I watched the animals filled with joy. A German couple, from Dortmund, stopped to look at the goats – we chatted about my journey. Shortly after I said my farewells to Ante, the Croatian man and continued my journey.

Fixing the screw
On Ante’s farm

Riding was pleasant today, few cars and fairly uncomplicated terrain. At around 5pm I started looking for my campsite and was lucky to find one after bushbashing through some tracks. I drank a beer at the water in solitude. Afterwards I built my tent, cooked rice, vegetables and tofu for dinner and made a campfire. Having a fire is wonderful, I love sitting at the fire under the stars journaling, hearing the fire whisper.

So long – dovidenja from close to Srima!

Photos, as always will be updated with wifi! Xo

10 responses to “Day 50, 12/10/22 Mindfulness”

  1. Karen Johanna Meyer Avatar
    Karen Johanna Meyer

    This days description really filled me with the loveliest feeling of peacefulness. I myself am sitting – for myself here at my orange livingroomtable having myself a nice beer and some crisps after coming home from my musictherapyjob with the elderly people. I also – like you, started my day with yoga and the sun-salutation flow. After that the five Tibetans. I could have needed a meditation but I didn’t really feel the time and the space allowed it. Then a 14 km long bicycle ride to work. Better than not biking at all though…. And then after work back home again. Days pass so quickly. You keep inspiring me with your journaling. Thanks again❤️

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  2. “He walked back to his tractor and came back with — a beer” – baa haaa haaaa haaaa. Just when you thought he was going to be helpful… He was but not the way you expect!

    You should be carrying a bicycle multitool at the very least, they usually have a selection of almost every screw head/allen key etc on your bike. Especially since you have racks as the screws always come loose over long distances. I would advise purchasing one at the next bike shop you see, puts your mind at ease knowing you can tighten anything that loosens on your bike.

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    1. Hi Brent, thank you, I’m indeed carrying a multi tool with me 🙂 unfortunately it doesn’t have the specific tool I needed in this case!
      But so funny with the beer! He knew how to help though – haha. Greetings from Croatia

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  3. You have the talent to discribe your day in a way I was there too. Enjoy and keep safe. I am looking forward to the moment you have wifi. 😂😁

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    1. Thank you Sammy! That’s so kind! Greetings from Croatia ☺️


  4. It’s really nice to read your adventures; thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank Hobit! Enjoy and greetings from Croatia ☺️


  5. Simone Staab-Jankowski Avatar
    Simone Staab-Jankowski

    Hallo Madeline
    Mit großem Interesse hab ich angefangen, deinen Reisebericht zu lesen.
    Manchmal etwas mühsam, weil mein Englisch doch nicht so gut ist.
    Aber ich bin trotzdem zufrieden.
    Thomas und ich haben uns gefreut, dass du uns in deinem Bericht erwähnt hast.
    Lieben Dank dafür.
    Allerdings vermisse ich Tag 51 und 52….was los?
    Geht es dir gut?
    Über ein kurzes Feedback würde ich mich freuen.
    Pass gut auf dich auf.
    Liebe Grüße von Simone

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    1. Hi Simone, danke für deine Nachricht! Tut mir leid manchmal ist es etwas schwierig zu berichten, wegen wifi oder Zeit! Aber mir geht es gut! Ich hoffe du kannst dein English mit meinem Blog verbessern und hast Spaß daran! Liebe Grüße aus Kroatien ☺️


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