Day 52, 14/10/22 Laissez – faire

My night at the campsite Seget was interrupted many times, again I felt “bored” of sleeping and wanted the night to be over already. At 6am I had enough of tossing and turning, I went to the concrete platform overlooking the Adriatic Sea, once again I started the day with yoga and a short meditation. Afterwards I cooked myself some porridge, while talking on the phone to my friend Debora.

Following that, I went for a reviving swim in the sea and took a long hot shower. Back at the campsite Jack and me, both packing, were still chuckling about his boldness the night before.


I felt lazy and indecisive about the next steps on my trip. My thoughts were turning around visiting or skipping the city Split. Visiting cities has left me confused during this trip – trying to understand a city in one day seems pointless.

Finally I decided to go to Split – go out, have some fun, I thought. The ride to Split, was a short 28kms ride and felt like a breeze. Only close to the city itself, cycling became more hectic in traffic.

When I arrived in the old town of Split I drank a beer at the harbour, while scoping out couch surfing possibilities. However I was tired of relying on people and my soul was screaming for independence. Hence I tried something new – I booked myself a bed in a dorm in a hostel. Here I was also hoping to meet like-minded people. Unfortunately nothing suchlike happened, as there was no community in this hostel and nobody to connect with in my room either.


Instead I met up with a friendly German guy, Michael. We strolled through the old town, had dinner and Gelato.

Split has been described to me as a city to party, therefore my plans to “live a little”, however my experience was completely different, which in the end I did not mind at all. At least I gave it a go, as I will only experience this journey once.

So long – dovidenja from Split!

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